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Our Story

So, We Bought This Property...

Brad and I have been married for 26 years now, raised 3 children (almost); 2 of them are out of the house already, and our 3rd will graduate high school in 6 months. It’s been 26 years of learning, listening, and practicing to become a more and more evolved human.

I’ve always told Brad that one day I want to be in nature, in the mountains, growing some vegetables, having a space for my family to come home to, to walk in the woods, to potter around, to let nature nourish us and remind us of who we are. When 2020 brought a family tragedy with the completely gutting loss of our dear niece Charlotte, we were shaken awake to the fact that life is short and living more simply and more connected to what and who you love is so very important.

Magnolia House owners sitting on the steps
wide aerial view of magnolia house hot springs

Taking the leap and finding purpose

In the wake of sadness & loss, I found it hard to commit and say yes.  And yet, I also felt that the chaos of grief was also the impetus, the reason we were even considering this in the first place….


I found it hard to commit to the dream …. and I found it hard not to commit. I was both committed and not committed. I found myself lying awake at night full of anxiety & fear asking all the what if’s. As I lay in the in-between space. And of course, ultimately, despite the fear and the unknowns, I did commit to the project… I decided to take a risk.

Truly Excited for All The Great Things That Are Head

The truth is I didn't know how it would all turn out. It felt so big. Bigger than me. It felt like being called home....  the confluence of all parts of me/us coming together. I didn’t honestly know how this new undertaking of not just a home but now a business in the mountains would feel …. and that is a truth about life I suppose. None of us really know how it will turn out. We can only tend to what we are being called to. 

And so here we are, riding the current of the Magnolia House.  We decided to let go and run toward it ...  to take a risk, to let life be an adventure, to do our work of lovingly caring for our guests, to hold space and offer comfort, to live more connected to the the seasons and nature,  to let the responsibility of being in hospitality scare us, to live into the possibility of what this project might become.  

Thank you - thank you for joining us. We are excited to meet you, to welcome you, to be in service to you. 

sara, owner of magnolia house writing, coffee in hand looking out window
magnolia garden house

Our Magnolia House Promise

At Magnolia House, we're committed to crafting unforgettable experiences for those who cherish nature, connection, family, and laughter.

As proud owners of this enchanting estate and vacation retreat, our dedication lies in creating moments that leave a lasting imprint on your heart and soul for years to come.

Magnolia House goes beyond being a venue or vacation rental—it's where dreams come to life, connections are formed, and life's precious moments are celebrated.

With a passion for creating meaningful experiences, we invite you to join us on a journey filled with laughter, love, and connection, knowing that each moment at Magnolia House is carefully crafted and will be cherished forever.


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